Friday, December 23, 2011

NaNoWriMo Conclusion & Update

 Yes, this post is extremely late. Almost a month late, to be precise. However, I've taken the past 23 days off of writing, and done nothing but brainstorming, world-building, etc. Having a bad case of writer's block helped with that.
  Right, on to NaNoWriMo YWP. I won, yes. but painfully. I had two essays to work on during that period, so it got to 9300 words (About 2/3s of the way to my goal) and gave up. My research paper was more important. So, I worked on that. Then, it was November 30, and everyone else was working frantically to finish. Me, I was watching and cheering.
  Then I changed my mind, and decided to give it one last, glorious, kamikaze style attempt to get in as many words as I could. Not to win, of course, but to be close.
 It ended up lasting 5 1/2 hours, ending at 11:45 PM, and having 140 more words than my word goal. My hands hurt for two days afterwards.
 Since then, I've been hit by a bad case of writer's block. A short story that needed backstory brought me to a screeching halt. So I've spent almost a month thinking on that. Then I decided two days ago to just start writing, SotP style. It's worked, for a bit.
Now I've switched gears to get inspiration from writing. I'm aiming to finish part 1 of Hunter Romero and the Atlantean Curse by January 1st. Why? Just to finish and not worry about editing and finishing it at the same time. Then I figure out where to go from there, and how to add a dieselpunk underwater adventure, breaking into Area 51, a conspiracy, and going to Atlantis into the mix. The characters just have to find the idol first.

So, that's what I've been doing/will be doing. What about you? How did your NaNoWriMo go?


  1. Woo! Didn't know your last minute win was so tight! Sometime you might tell us about that 10k day.

    I hit 30k as well, but that was my "fail" goal on the YWP site after it became clear I wasn't going to hit the main site goal of 50k.

    Also completely failing NaNoFiMo... XD New year new start here I come.

  2. Yeah, it was tight. I forgot that I had to change it down to 15k, so I only a little over 5k that day. That's still a lot of words though.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one then. I can't imagine reaching 50k while in high school. It'd require skipping school, I think.

    Yup, always time for a new start.

  3. Hey, at least you got it! : )

    Me? Well, I didn't finish the actual novel until December 10th. XP Then I spent about a month procrastinating the editing. Now I finally started the editing process. Viggo and Darian are laughing at me somewhere, I can just hear them...

    Well, congratulations on finishing, and good luck!

  4. Thanks.

    I haven't finished mine. I'm just going to ignore it until it goes away.

    Those characters can be tricky.

  5. Yep.

    That's a good idea...I should do that with some of my other stories...

    Tell me about it. It sometimes seems like they're in charge instead of the writer.

  6. Well, it is their story in a way. Their choices and conflicts drive it. I approach the stories like I'm a recorder. I bet that's another blog post.

    It had been the first time I'd done first person POV in a long time, and it, aggh. It was just bad.

  7. Yeah, you're right. That's a good approach to it; I should try that sometime.

    Ahhh. I know how you feel; whenever I try to write first person POV, it's horrible.

  8. Cool.

    Yeah, I can do it as a teenager fairly easily, but a mid-20s Chinese warrior-monk, well, that's beyond me.


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