Thursday, October 6, 2011


  There are 25 days until National Novel Writing Month, and hopefully, I will be participating. The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write a novel in 30 days. For the main program, it's 50,000 words. For the Young Writer's Program, you set your own goal. My goal is 25,000 words because it's a novella which I originally intended to be a comic book script. I don't know how to write a script, so I'll start with a novella first.
  My story for this year is an urban fantasy martial artist superhero story. Epic, isn't it? It's going to be a noir feeling story in the modern day, with all the troubles it entails. There's also two warring ninja clans, supernatural evils, and hopefully some deeper meaning.

 Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?


  1. I believe you have heard about the steampunk mermaids in my NaNovel. :) I'm on the adult site going for the whole 50k.

  2. Yes, I have. It's fascinating.

    My mom won't let me get an account on the adult site, so I'll be on the YWP.

  3. I'm going for 70k this year, and I'm nervous.

    I'm still on the YWP, too.

    You ought to look into the YWP Script Frenzy. It's in April.

  4. Oops. That comment was by Elly of Zoriah by HWF and SF. I totally forgot the name. :P

  5. Aren't you Stargirl as well?

    70k is a lot to write in a month. I'd be nervous as well.

    Okay, I'll look into Screnzy YWP.

  6. Yes, I'm Stargirl as well.

    Are you outlining your novel this year?

  7. Sort of. I'll give it its own post.

  8. Yep, I'm doing it this year...
    Sorry for the late comment, but I just now discovered your blog. : D I'm having fun reading through all of the posts.

    ...I should probably add that this is Jason Jackson. So...yeah!

    Good luck!

  9. Thanks.

    Nice to see you over here. Since NaNo has started, I'm expecting to get a lot of posts written this month.

  10. Yes, I'm doing it this year, and your story sounds quite unique, Godspeed to you.


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