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Character Interview with Xedagh Milkanin

    Yes, I know I said my next post would be a philosophical analysis of "The Road Goes Ever On" but I realized that philosophy is hard, and I don't really care for it, so it's taken longer. So, with some prodding from the League of Extraordinary Scribes, I'm doing a character interview instead. His name is Xedagh Milkanin. He looks kind of like the figure in the two pictures in this post. (The bottom found through hard Google trawling, the second, through Pinterest.) Here's the description of the character. 

Xedagh is an immortal, psionic alien from another galaxy. He can't die because his race, the Llinoq, have the unique ability to recover from all injuries. However, they do go what into they call the Deep Sleep, which is a permanent coma that lasts until the multiverse ends. Xedagh is almost the last of his race because of a decision he made. Eons ago, there was a cataclysmic war back in his home galaxy between the Llinoq and a diabolical race called the Chrue. The Llinoq were the guardians of their galaxy, and they were slowly being beat back, despite their astonishing abilities. He was young, foolish, and in love. So, in exchange for the life his love (and himself, of course) and their freedom, he betrayed his people.  Naturally, she didn't like that, so she left him. Absolutely devastated and and hating himself for his stupidity, he started wandering and ended up in our galaxy where he does mercenary work and the like under the alias Luanqin Tanxia which means "Many Sorrows." He's the best of the best in mercenary work due ti his psionic abilities and advanced armor. He's grieving for his choice, but he can't make himself enter the Deep Sleep because of the thousand star systems he caused to fall beneath the heel of the Chrue. He feels he needs to atone. 

Begin Transmission 
Alpha Query Protocol 779

Me: So, Xedag-

Xedagh: That's not my name. It's Luanqin Tanxia 

Me: Don't argue with me. It's not worth. I know your name is Xedagh Milkanin and your past. Don't worry either. None of your enemies or fellow mercenaries will ever know it, for I am your Author. 

Xedagh: My Author? Very well. Hurry up though. I'm busy at the moment. 

Me: Alright, I'll start with an easy question. We'll get to the harder and more painful ones as we go on. The first is from Nathanael. Do you only take certain kinds of mercenary jobs, as a way of atoning for your past?

Xedagh: Yes, though I don't know how you know all of this. Or how they know all of that. I don't work for pirates, dictators, or criminal organizations. Period. On occasion, I'll pretend to join them under a different alias and toppling them from the inside. Most of what I do involves cleaning up organized crime rings that are to big for governments to handle. Sometimes I join with a defense force. 

Me: Do you own your own ship that is recognizable or do you switch them up to stay anonymous? 

Xedagh: Usually, I use my own ship, the Xrithella, but there are times when I'll switch ships to work in disguise. My ship is what brought me to this galaxy, so I will always keep it. 

Me: Do you have a special diet?
Xedagh: No. Why would you ask that?

Me: Er-

Xedagh: Don't answer that. 

Me: Any plans on taking out the Chrue?

Xedagh: No.

Me: Well, okay then. I see that's not something you like to talk about. So, why'd you stop at this galaxy? 

Xedagh: It's where I was when I awoke from my worst injury ever, and I've not had one bad enough to keep me out long enough to cross the unimaginably vast distances between the galaxies. So I've stayed here. 

Me: Very good then. I think that's an excellent reason. Now, back to the somewhat easy ones. What's your preferred weapon? Why? 

Xedagh: At last, a decent question. I have several, depending on what the mission requires. My standard is a Gralt 55 radjule rifle, modular style, with accessories chosen for each mission. I also carry two Vhrenger 45 radjule pistols, a collection of knives, both regular and augmented. Nothing can disable a piece of sharp metal. My signature weapon is a Llinoq weapon, called the Xang. It's similar to the ancient swords, except much more advanced. Particulars, I will not tell you.

Me: Quite an impressive armory you have. Now, are you a loner? Or do you have some allies?

Xedagh: Mostly a loner. I outlive everyone, and I will outlive everyone, so it's hard to build relationships. No need to add to my hurt by making new connections. However, I've lately 
met fellow mercenary Baklen Desh, and we've been doing some jobs together. Not everyone's happy though, because we can charge as much for our services as any one of the big security firms. As a side-note, we do our job better they they do as well. 

Me: I'm sure you two do. I've known Baklen for along time. 

Xedagh: How? 

Me: Don't worry about it. What's your deepest fear?

Xedagh: Don't change the-what?!

Me: That's from Hannah. Answer it. 

Xedagh: Hrrmph. *incomprehensible grumbling* I think I'm living my worst fear. An exile, a traitor, and alone. Though, I suppose it could be being forced into the Deep Sleep and facing everyone after what I've done. 

Me: Another from Hannah, what keeps you going in life? 

Xedagh: Tell her that her questions are dangerous. 

Me: Answer it. 

Xedagh: Fine. I wish to try and undo some of the damage I've caused, and compensate for my evils. 

Me: Not from Hannah-

Xedagh: Good.

Me: Have you built yourself a metaphorical shell or mask? If so, what is it?
Xedagh: It's more of a literal shell. Nobody sees me outside of my armor, and the face plate is reflective, which I suppose, if I was an Evil Author, could symbolize my isolation and stony image. 

Me: Yes, I suppose it could. I'd not thought of that before. Good idea. 

Xedagh: Finished yet?

Me: Last question. Have you developed a cynical view of love?

Xedagh: Xyeg. That's hard. I suppose I have. I shy away from it now, and especially its mind-altering effects. 

Me: Excellent! That wasn't so bad, was it?

Xedagh: Like wrestling a Helefgh. 

Me: Huh? 

Xedagh: You're the author. You're supposed to know what that is. Now, this is over. I've waited long enough. The gunships have stopped shooting at me. 

Transmission Terminated 

And there you go, an interview with Xedagh Milkanin. 


  1. Thanks.

    The award post is next on the list of posts to write. Do I just answer the questions and nominate people?

  2. That was very interesting! It sounds like you know your story well!

    Hi! I'm Bethany! I was one of the teens over at the NextGen conference. Just looking around at the blog links. I followed you on here. You're blog is really neat! (Mine needs some updating...)

    Check me out if you'd like at

  3. Thank you, though, I don't know it that well. Other than a little character development, and the fact it's set in the same storyverse as many of my other space opera stories, I have done no development on his story.

    You've got a neat blog.

  4. Based on what I have read so far, I genuinely like and esteem Xedagh, and can relate to him in some instances. He seems to give off the air of a time-lord, and the Ninth Doctor at that. I have to wonder if his traits are a reflection of your own character. Or is he someone whom you would aspire to be?

  5. I'm not sure esteem is quite the right one, but okay.
    Yeah, he's a bit like a Time-Lord, but without time travel and stronger psychic powers.

    No, not really. He's neither based on me or someone I'd want to be.

  6. No; esteem as a verb is quite appropriate. I shall assume you've not read Sense and Sensibility then as "esteem" is used thataway.
    Okay. That sounds interesting.
    Ah, all right. Best wishes on the progression of your novel.

  7. Right. I have not read that one yet.

    Indeed, and thanks.


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