Sunday, March 13, 2011

Millenium Falcon? Nah. Enterprise? Nah. Spectral Vigilante? Maybe

His Ship
 So, I need a name for a starship.A battered old interceptor fighter turned freighter turned private ship for a private detective who's also a fugitive, so something dealing with unofficial law enforcement would be nice. I'm also going for a satire/Mark Twain style humor piece.
   These are my current ideas.
  •  Vigilante
  • Vigilante Shadow
  • Spectral Vigilante 
  • Vigilante Myth
  • The Investigator
  Any new ideas or suggestions would be very helpful.


  1. Well, I'm partial to Vigilante. That's four syllables - okay length for a ship name. Trying saying "Vigilante Shadow" out loud whenever you're naming something. Doesn't do for tense moments.

    Intrepid Hawk would be my next choice, but probably only because I find both words cool, and the combination cooler. :D

  2. I thought about "Entrepreneurial Falcon" just to combine the Enterprise with the Millennium Falcon. I'll wait to make my final decision.

  3. I personally think it depends on what kind of story you're going for. If it's a serious, tense story, then yes. Go for the 4-syllable name. For a humorous type piece, I'd pick the dumbest sounding name I could think of. Or the longest. The Entrepreneurial Falcon sounds good for a satire of space-age stories.

    In short, the name should be picked based on the story.


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