Friday, January 28, 2011

Polls, Ainaan, and General Announcement

 This will be a shorter post than normal and won't have to do completely with writing. I just have a few general announcements to make.
  The first announcement is that I have a poll up about, so please vote in that. One option, and it expires on February first.

  Secondly, I'm nearly ready for the second Steam Man post, so you won't have to wait to long. I have some concept art and new setting ideas like G.R.A.S.S. gunships. More on that soon.

 Finally, is there anyone who you'd like to see interviewed in the (probably not so soon) future? I can try to get them, but I'll have to come up with the interviews first.

 Now, if you vote about my fantasy world, it's called Ainaan and has four continents arranged around the Sea of Leionesse with islands in the sea. Currently, I have no stories in active progress in Ainaan, or fantasy in general.


  1. Hey Varon,
    Nice blog! I'd love to see your sub-forum for Ainaan.

  2. Ooohhh Interview Bryan Davis or Wayne Thomas Batson. :)

    Elizabeth Dresdow

  3. Thanks.

    OK, I'll have to write interview questions first.

  4. Hey, looked on your FF today and saw your new blog! Whatever your doing it sounds great and geeky. I don't understand half of the words your using but thats normally the case. Keep writing and thinking and dreaming!

  5. Thanks for looking at the blog.

    I will.

  6. Have you done interviews before? Would you like to join an interview on the Holy Worlds Podcast? Or, if you like, write up a question for the authors we interview and we'll include it in the show. We just did Robert Treskillard and hope to do James Somers next. We have a lot of authors in mind for the future and would love holy worlders to help asking questions so we know what you guys are interested in learning from them.

  7. I've never done an interview before.

    How would I join the interview?



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