Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to Ainaan and a Little Challenge

 Ainaan is one part of a universe shaped rather like a ball made of tissue paper, each universe a thin layer sandwiched between many other layers, or universe in this case. The center of this universe is Evenfar, home of Lyrianur and the heaven of my universe basically.

   Ainaan is a flat world and I have provided you with a map which, unfortunately, you will have to crane your neck around to see. Sorry about that.
 As you can see, there are four continents and numerous islands in a central sea named the Sea of Leioness after the Lyonesse of Celtic mythology and Arthurian legend. It also ties into the Great Flood. You see after the greatest and final battle of Dur Greden between Lyrianur (the good guy) and Malxor (the bad guy with big plans to make the world better) which ended with Malxor being banished, the world was changed to wipe away and cleanse the world of Malxor's stain. Originally, everything inside the outer edged was land. Then the flood came and flooded the valleys.
   There are four, wait, five main races in Ainaan. There are the humans of course, spread out and varied in culture. There are the dragons, mighty and intelligent creatures meant to protect and care for Ainaan. All but one were killed in Dur Greden, and he is in suspended animation until the End. There are the Dwarendell, small and reclusive beings who have enormous natural talent for creating objects out of stone. They all disappeared 100 years after Dur Greden. Then there are the Ithani, shorter than men and somewhat wider at the shoulders. They are natural woods-folk and specialize in anything with wood. Finally, there are the Krecks. The are mindless, moral-less, and physically perfect creatures made by Malxor. Malxor wanted every creature to be like them.